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When it comes to enduring resilience and striking design, James Hardie siding stands out as a premier choice for today’s homeowners. Transforming the appearance of your home through re-siding is a powerful way to enhance its overall design. Few alternatives rival the robust and distinctive aesthetic of Fiber Cement siding, whether in the form of traditional lap, shake, or board and batten options, offering a great means to refresh your home’s look or undertake a comprehensive makeover.

Why Choose James Hardie?

Investing in the upkeep and enhancement of your most significant investment—your home—is an essential aspect of homeownership. James Hardie emerges as the go-to choice for durability, sophistication, and beauty that justifies the investment. Despite the higher upfront cost associated with James Hardie, the long-term benefits of Fiber Cement Siding far surpass those of cheaper vinyl alternatives.

Partnering with Experts

When investing in your home, is it worth the risk of working with someone unfamiliar with the product or installation process? At Shield Home Exteriors, we prioritize training our crews in the proper techniques and procedures for James Hardie installation. Our goal is to ensure you have full access to the warranties available for your product. Improper installation often prevents homeowners from taking advantage of James Hardie’s warranty, making it crucial to work with professionals. Shield collaborates with Eikenhout to provide a local, reliable supply of exterior products. If you’ve experienced an improper installation leading to the need for repair, we’re here to assist you through the Fiber Cement siding repair process. Many instances of improperly installed James Hardie siding exist in West Michigan, and we’re ready to address your repair needs to preserve the longevity and allure of your home.

Endless Hardie Options

Fiber Cement Siding offers a plethora of design options. Beyond the Color Plus choices, we can deliver a custom color limited only by Sherwin Williams‘ or any other major paint manufacturer’s color wheel. Regardless of your taste or home style, we can provide a look that complements your home and aligns with your vision.

Service Areas

At Shield Home Exteriors, we specialize in installing James Hardie Siding from the metro Grand Rapids area to the lakeshore, serving locations such as Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Ada, Cascade, Byron Center, Rockford, and others. We are dedicated to providing optimal solutions for the exterior of your home at Shield.

Free Estimates

We will work with you to come up with a Fiber Cement option that will work with your tastes and your budget.

Qualified Installers

Make sure your installer has been trained by James Hardie before you let them install it on your home.

Quality Care

We offer a continuing maintenance program bringing you the confidence that your exterior will be taken care of and will last for years to come.


Your home’s emotional significance is profound, and at Shield Home Exteriors, we prioritize the satisfaction of each customer, aiming for a space that exudes joy and boasts a resilient, dependable quality capable of offering enduring comfort for decades.

When it comes to home siding, attaining such customer contentment poses a considerable challenge. Siding bears the brunt of Mother Nature’s ceaseless onslaught, enduring rain, snow, sleet, scorching sun, pests, and even fire, making premature failure a constant threat.

This is where James Hardie siding products come into play.

Unrivaled Durability

James Hardie’s HardiePlank® lap siding proudly holds the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute—a prestigious endorsement awarded only after stringent evaluations. The siding underwent independent testing for factors such as fading, weather resistance, water resistance, fire resistance, and more, excelling in every aspect.

Tailored to Climate

Unlike competing products, James Hardie siding and trim are meticulously engineered to withstand the specific climate of their installation. This means your siding is optimized for the real-world conditions it will face, ensuring superior performance and a longer lifespan.

Sophisticated Aesthetics

The exclusive ColorPlus® Technology ensures that your home siding maintains its appealing appearance for an extended period, guaranteed. The siding undergoes multiple rounds of painting and curing with a proprietary finish at the factory, providing optimal coverage, vibrant color, and resistance to chipping, peeling, and cracking. A variety of carefully curated color options are available to enhance the visual appeal of different homes with coordinating styles.

Exceptional Value

While James Hardie siding may have a higher upfront cost than vinyl, the long-term value is incomparable. Fiber cement not only looks superior but also exhibits exceptional resistance to mold, swelling, and cracking. It does not attract pests, is noncombustible, and is hail-damage resistant. The significant difference in quality can even lead to potential reductions in home insurance premiums.

Furthermore, all James Hardie siding products come with a 30-year, non-prorated warranty, and trim products are backed by a 15-year, non-prorated warranty.

Superior Products, Proficient Installers

Items of great value should endure, and at Shield Home Exteriors, our team is extensively trained in the proper installation of siding and trim products. Rest assured that you have chosen a product renowned for its beauty and durability and are collaborating with a reliable, local install team in Grand Rapids, MI. Contact Shield Home Exteriors today!

Professionally Designed

One of the things that sets SHIELD apart is our on-staff design team who will work with you to make it beautiful.

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