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      1. Poor Nailing

      Shingles need to be properly secured to make sure they stay where they are supposed to, otherwise they can slip down or let in water. Professional Roofing Contractors should use at least four nails per shingle with more on steep grades. In addition, nails shouldn’t be over or under driven and should only be positioned in the nail strip where they will be covered and protected by the next overlapping shingle.

      2. Improperly Installed (Or Missing) Flashing

      Roof valleys are the creases on a roof between two different slopes, and because they end up diverting a much larger amount of water and involve a lot of intersecting components, they need extra protection, which comes flashing. The same goes for borders around vents, skylights, and chimneys. And if the installation isn’t done right, using the right equipment, it means one thing: leaks. Metal flashing and other shielding should be installed with the shingles and should be well-secured with sealant to avoid issues and leaks down the road.

      3. Non-Uniform Shingles

      There are plenty of roofs where the shingles are not installed in an even pattern, or where the colors of all the shingles don’t match. If you’ve never seen it before, you’ll notice when you do. These roofs can have absurd waves and slants, either in orientation or color pallet, which draws the eye and really brings down the overall effect. What’s worse, it’s enough evidence of improper roofing installation to void the manufacturer’s warranty, which can leave a homeowner in a bad spot if the roof were to fail prematurely.

      4. Neglected Ceiling and Attic Ventilation

      While proper insulation is vital for maintaining your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, it’s just as important to make sure that air can escape from attics and ceilings. Otherwise, moisture will gradually build up in the space over time, which will rapidly degrade your insulation, home structure, and the shingle material itself.

      5. Cutting Corners

      When you have your roof replaced it’s important that the old shingles, flashing, and other materials be properly removed and disposed of. Unfortunately, many roofing companies will try to cut corners by leaving or reusing different materials—or even by nailing new shingles down directly on top of the old roof. This is a recipe for disaster. All old shingles must be removed and any flashing with signs of damage, wear, or failure must be replaced to ensure that your new roof will hold up without problems for its full estimated lifespan—and hopefully longer!

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          Roofing is hard work and expensive, and on the surface a bad job can look very similar to a good one.

          It’s no surprise there’s so much misinformation out there regarding roofing and good roofing practice. And it’s no surprise that it’s such a challenge for homeowners who have worked with bad roofers to figure out what happened. Very few homeowners have the experience to spot improper installation or are able to safely climb up and take a look for themselves.

          That’s why you need the help of experts who you can trust. SHIELD Home Exteriors is an established Grand Rapids roofing contractor. We are licensed and insurance, with outstanding reviews. Please, look us up! At SHIELD we get out of bed every morning and work hard to provide the best solutions for you, our clients, friends, and neighbors, to improve your quality of life through your home. Call today.

          Like in anything in life, you always get what you pay for. At Shield, we promise to always offer competitive pricing to provide you with the most value among roofing contractors in West Michigan. Roofers who undercut our pricing usually compromise on quality by hiring unskilled labor or neglecting the most important parts of your roofing system such as proper ventilation, flashing, and underlayment.

          What kind of roofing do we do? Generally, as roofers, we break down roofing into three types: 1. Steep Slope Roofing, 2. Low Slope Roofing, and, 3. Flat Roofing.

          Steep slope roofing takes care of most pitches – pretty much anything from 40/12 pitches down to 2/12 pitches. Standard asphalt shingles can be installed on any of the pitches in this range, with some specific considerations on some of the extremes of both.

          From 2/12 down to .5/12 we consider this “low slope roofing”

          As far as the roofing industry has come, it is amazing that bad roofers are busy operating in the industry. These teams often skate below market value, getting paid in advance to do rushed, shoddy work with poor results—results that fly in the face of common sense.

          The following five roofing mistakes are some of the most common that these teams or DIY’ers make, and each can cause unnecessary damage and hassle if not caught and properly corrected in time.

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