Do you know roof replacements make up 94% of the total roofing projects in North America? While roofs can last for a long time, they’ll eventually require replacement. You replace a roof due to leaks, broken or missing shingles, and rotted roof sheeting.

Roof replacement is a critical home improvement project. It improves your home’s value and curb appeal. Also, it offers greater energy efficiency and creates a safer home.

However, you should get a high-quality roof replacement to enjoy these benefits. To achieve this, ensure to schedule your roofing project at the right time.

Are you wondering what the right time for replacing a roof is? Here are the best seasons to replace a roof in Michigan.

Fall Season

Fall is the best and most popular time for roof replacement. The weather cools off from summer, and the temperatures range from 45 and 85 degrees. In this season, there’s little to no threat of unpredictable rain that can delay your project.

Cooler temperatures create a conducive environment for work. Roof installers can work for longer hours without being overheated. This helps them to complete your project quickly, saving on time and costs.

Mild weather makes roof installation a cinch. Shingles have enough time to seal and provide full coverage necessary in winter.

With perfect weather conditions in the fall, homeowners prefer replacing their roofs. They want the replacement to be done before winter or the snowy months. Hence, fall has become the busiest season for roof installation.

Plan one or two months beforehand if you’re looking to get your roof replaced in the fall. Contact your roofing contractor to secure a spot on their schedule. This ensures that your roof installation project isn’t delayed during this prime season.

If you don’t plan, you might not be able to get your roof replaced on time. Many people are vying for the same roof replacement appointment slots as you. So you might get your new roof weeks or more after signing your contract.

Summer Season

Summer is also a fair season for getting your roof replaced. There’s consistent and warm weather that makes the installation process seamless. The days are long, the sun is shining, and the weather is bearable.

If you want to replace your roof during this season, undertake the project earlier in the summer. At this time, the extreme summer heat, humidity, and storms haven’t hit yet.

Less heat and humidity create bearable weather perfect for roof installers to work. This weather allows the proper functioning of tools and materials, making installations easy.

The sun produces enough heat to activate the tar strip at the back of roof shingles. This makes the shingles adhere properly, preventing any future leaks or fly-offs.

Waiting to replace your roof in the middle or peak of summer is a bad idea. At this time, high heat and humidity create unpleasant weather for work.

Roofers get overheated and experience a lot of exhaustion during work. This makes them rush your project, and they might not offer high-quality services.

This weather also causes adverse effects on the working materials. High heat melts asphalt shingles, making them fragile during installation. They can easily scuff up or get damaged when walked on.

If you want to install a new roof in the summer, plan ahead. Reach out to your roofing contractor and ensure to get on their schedule. This ensures your project doesn’t get pushed too far back into the summer.

Winter Season

Though winter is a difficult season for roof replacement, roofers offer the service. So if you get an emergency roofing situation, don’t postpone it because it’s winter.

Contact your roofing contractor and seek advice from them. Experienced contractors will schedule your roof replacement regardless of the weather. Also, they guarantee quality work as they know how to work under such weather conditions.

The snow, ice, and cold during winter make the installation process difficult. The roofing materials might harden and become brittle, causing a lot of losses.

The cold weather makes asphalt shingles harden and lose some flexibility. Hence, the material becomes difficult to cut and insert nails when installation.

Shingles also have a sealant that needs to be activated by heat for them to adhere properly. So with cold temperatures, the sealing process might take longer and be ineffective.

So installers opt for hand-sealing techniques to set the shingles. But this comes with extra labor costs that can make roofing a bit expensive.

Due to these challenges, homeowners avoid scheduling their roof replacements in the winter. Thus, making winter the least busy season for roofers. Since many roofers are available, you can get your roof replaced quicker.

Spring Season

As winter fades and the weather gets warmer, homeowners plan to replace their roofs. That’s because they might have noticed drafts, roof leaks, or cave-ins from harsh winter.

Doing roof replacements during the spring season can be a very nice idea. That’s because winter is too cold, summer is too hot, and fall is a very busy season.

In spring, the weather is bearable as it has more sun and less snow. This makes installations easier as materials aren’t challenging to put on.

However, the weather in the spring is unpredictable. The rains might interrupt your project, causing huge delays.

But if you’re working with a skilled roofer, don’t fret. These roofers come prepared with backup plans to accommodate the changing weather.

If you want to replace your roof, don’t postpone the project because of the weather conditions. In 2022, the material prices are going up, so the roofing project will be more expensive in the future. A lot of money and resources will be required to cover hard costs.

Therefore, hire a roofing contractor who can replace your roof in any season.

Replace a Roof in Michigan

Replacing a leaking or damaged roof is a worthwhile investment. Besides protecting your properties, it offers a slew of benefits. However, you should know the prime time for doing the project to enjoy the perks.

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